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Penrice Poet Laureate

To coincide with the launch of the new Penrice Community College school magazine a competition was launched to discover a talented poet who could use poetry to celebrate events around the school.  There were some brilliant entries but the winner of the Penrice Poet Laureate Competition is…Jacob Proctor in 8MV. Congratulations Jacob!   Look out for his poems in the next two issues of the magazine. Also congratulations also to the runners up: Chloe Hocking and Shayoleigh Dabbs.  Two very creative and interesting poems.

By Jacob Proctor

We start our journey, retrieved from the harsh grip of ice and frost,
Emerging into the light, the world renewed,
And walk a new path, colours bursting,
As if from an artists palette
And revel in the rebirth of the world.

Time passes us by, and we find ourselves once more in a different setting,
Where the suns light softly embraces the globe,
When we splash in the lapping waves,
And run along golden beaches,
When you learn to love,
And be loved.

Next, we enter the season for woolly hats and gloves,
A time for crunching leaves underfoot,
When we explore and discover,
and the Earth prepares for sleep.

Now comes the time for ice,
The land succumbed to the brutal freeze,
But from each and every window,
Shines a ray of hope,
Illuminating the dark and washing away the cold.

Music To Me
By Chloe Hocking

Music is like a dream
Singing with smiles
Singing with tears.
Someone’s story
Of the joy and sadness,
The troubles of life
There are all here.
Hidden behind the instruments,
For other people to know.
The lyrics like a storybook,
A fairytale,
It comes from the heart
And means the world.
Music should be respected.
If life was normal
There would be no lyrics to write

Year 11
By Shayoleigh Dabbs

Close to the end,
Coming near to the ball.
Getting ready for life outside of school.
Maybe college, even university,
Hoping for good GCSEs.
Laughs, tears, hope, excitement
Relief of less homework.
Getting ready to leave
Getting ready to say bye bye.
Memories that will last forever.
Now onto the next chapter.

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