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Penrice Goes Glam

"The fashion show was a good idea because it gives everybody a chance to get an idea of what to wear to the ball. I was a bit nervous about speaking but I was excited. I would do it again." 
- Bella Snell (Head Girl)

Year 11 students in Penrice recently have gone glam with their spectacular fashion show. It truly was a night of colours and entertainment. When I say entertainment I mean a year eleven boy doing gangnam style on stage! All the girls looked gorgeous with their dresses on and the boys looked super smart. This show was very popular judging by how big the audience was. Personally, I thought all the dresses were beautiful. I’ve already seen the style dress I would like to wear and I’m only in Year 7!

"The Year 11's get very excited about the Ball. It helps them get into a Ball mode and see what dresses they can wear. It's been a brilliant night, they've done really well. I think the boys had a little work to do on how to be a Gentleman!"
- Mr Thomas